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In detail what is the steel core aluminum stranded wire and application in what place?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-18
Most low smoke zero halogen cable supply used in hospitals and more strict with environmental health. In the case of a fire could be burn out and can not run, but can stop the fire from spreading. Informally, cable one thousand fire, can limit the combustion in the local scope, does not produce spread, hold on to the other all sorts of equipment, avoid to cause a greater loss. 1. Because of containing halogen flame retardant cable ( Including the flame retardant cable, low smoke low halogen flame retardant cable) In the combustion will release the halogen acid corrosive gas, greatly hinder the fire control work in order to delay the fire time and fire spread, so in high population densities, public places should be designed as far as possible choose low smoke zero halogen flame retardant cable. 2. The population density in smaller areas can choose any a kind of flame retardant cable. 3. Flame retardant cable is divided into the three types A, B, C, and among them A kind of flame retardant cable performance is better than B, C, the price is also the most expensive. When designers to provide the order list shall indicate the category of the flame retardant cable. 4. Unable to distinguish between the flame retardant cable from the appearance of A, B, C category, only delivery by manufacturer, so should choose carefully when design of cable manufacturers. 5. Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant cable compared with containing halogen flame retardant cable, has the advantages of low corrosion, low smoke, but significantly lower electronic and mechanical properties, so in the Tailfeng lan cable laying, low smoke zero halogen flame retardant cable containing halogen flame retardant cables should be more bending radius. 6. In the cable laying design, unfavorable to the flame retardant Tailfeng lan cable and cable, and is unfavorable to different flame retardant kinds of flame retardant cable laying side by side.
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