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Indoor optical cable standard

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-30
is a certain amount of optical fiber according to certain ways of spring heart, outsourcing has a sheath, some still coated outer sheath, to realize the optical signal transmission, a communication line. Small make up to tell you, the selection of optical fiber cable. In integrated wiring, we tend to choose two kinds of fiber optic cable, vertical Tailfeng lan cable and rat type optical fiber cable. Vertical cable: after the cable into the building, you need to provide equipment, equipment room entrance or computer room and the connections between different floor communications cabinet, called a 'vertical wiring system'. At this point, the cable is located in the floor more shaft between the vertical pipe. Therefore, optical fiber cable need to take more tensile force. Rat type cable: adopt the stainless steel hose protection single-core or multi-core tight set of type optical fiber Tailfeng lan cable, it has strong ability to resist lateral pressure, bending resistance, high tensile strength, excellent characteristics of rat. Can be used to crush the occasions, such as laying under the carpet or limited space requires constant bending or places that have requirements of rat. Pay attention to our website to know more about the content of the fiber optic cable, hope you can satisfied.
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