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Jiaozuo plastic power cable factory: communication cable structure analysis

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-25
In recent years, with the rapid development of communication industry, the demand of domestic communication cable is constantly increasing. On the market, many different kinds of communication cable, various kinds of let the consumer at a loss, in order to better serve the broad masses of old and new customers, jiaozuo plastic power Tailfeng lan cable factory is pay attention to the structure of communication cable in detail for everybody! Seemingly simple communication lines, if open cable look carefully, will find that science and technology personnel is to use a lot of 'mind'. General component is structurally, communication cable line heart and protective layer of two parts. And protective layer can be divided into sheath and the outer sheath. Rope heart by the insulation protection of conducting wire and the necessary shielding, filling and binding ( Silk) And so on. Look from the appearance, cross section are generally round rope heart. Rope heart is to undertake the main part of the information transmission, the heart will not be affected with damp be affected with damp, in order to protect the Tailfeng lan cable without external mechanical damage and electrical interference, heart in line with a sheath outside, in the case of a need to also need to add the outer sheath. Start you usually use the lead sheath, this is because lead is more soft, manufacture installation is convenient, also can have the medium shielding effect. But in the end technical personnel also chose aluminum. This is because lead is too heavy. It is very difficult to transport. And lead shielding effect is better than that of aluminum, light many. Of course, nothing is gained. Aluminum on the manufacturing lead relatively difficult, and susceptible to corrosion. In the dry environment, also can use contains no metal of PE or PVC sheathed. Outside the communication Tailfeng lan cable laying in the bottom, will adopt steel wire armoured layer, outside of the metal armoured layer also need to add corrosion protective layer. Body need to be coated on the shielding layer, and then twisted into line. The double round steel belt shielding layer. Only know what is the communication cable, can get better use of the above views represent only jiaozuo cable supply factory, if you have any question, please call 13838150111 for detailed advice and understanding!
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