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Jiaozuo plastic power cable for you about the purpose of the communication cable

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-25
The widespread use of communication cable has obtained the rapid development of the industry, the following will learn together! Wire cable is transmission access to telephone, telegraph, fax documents, television and radio programs, data, and other electrical signal cable. More than a pair of insulated conductors twisted to each other. Communication cable compared with overhead lines, has a large capacity of communication, high stability transmission, the secrecy good, the advantage such as less affected by the natural condition and the external disturbance. Communication Tailfeng lan cable ( English name: the communication cable) Refers to close for audio and digital communication and the distance of the high frequency carrier communication and signal transmission cable, is one of the five major cable products in China. According to the purpose and scope of communication cable, can be divided into six major series of products, namely, the city communications cables ( Including paper insulated city words line, polyolefin insulation polyolefin sheath city spring) , long-distance symmetrical cable ( Including paper insulated high frequency long-distance symmetrical cable, copper foam polyethylene high frequency long-distance symmetrical cable and digital transmission distance symmetrical cable) , coaxial cable, Including small coaxial Tailfeng lan cable, coaxial and small coaxial cable) , submarine cable ( Can be divided into symmetric submarine and coaxial cable) , optical fiber Tailfeng lan cable ( Including traditional cable type, banded columns formation and skeleton type three) , radio frequency cable ( Including symmetric radio frequency and coaxial radio frequency) 。 Communication cable factory distribution throughout the country. Words in China in addition to the production of long distance communication cable and cable, fiber optic cable and comprehensive covering all plastic city for polyolefin insulated cable also had great development, many domestic manufacturers and research institutes to introduce technology and equipment from abroad to start producing. Every year in China with a small amount of polyolefin insulation polyolefin sheath such a cable sold to Hong Kong and Macao, southeast Asia and the Middle East and other places. Want to know more, please pay close attention to jiaozuo plastic cable supply!
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