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by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-03
Flame retardant fire-resistant cable is a new type of cable, is currently on the market the most popular a kind of product! In order to ensure the safety of the consumer, people hope that after the fire, can have enough time in front of the whole system paralysis will safety evacuation of all personnel, and the ability to transfer to a safe place, minimize the possibility of harm the personal safety. Therefore, in the safety standard of power cable, there is a fire protection standard, called 'line integrity' standard. Its goal is to cable supply lines can remain open in the fire, let will still be able to normal power supply and information transmission. So as to meet the requirements of series of integrity of Tailfeng lan cable also known as fireproof cables. On the market at present the most common type of fire retardant cable level there are two types: the first: China's standard: at 750 ℃, still can continue to work for 90 minutes ( E90) 。 Second: Germany standard: - in 800 850 ℃, can still continue to work for 180 minutes ( FE180) 。 Although the latest data center of China standard requires that all cables use CMP level integrated wiring cable, is it when the temperature of 500 ℃, can still not damaged, normal data transfer, leave some time for emergency backup information, but it does not meet the requirements of national standards for fire retardant Tailfeng lan cable, it is not called fire-resistant Tailfeng lan cable.
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