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Low smoke zero halogen power cable and the difference between ordinary power cable

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-05
Irradiation crosslinking of low smoke zero halogen flame retardant wire and cable with its excellent comprehensive electrical properties receive the electrician and electric apparatus has been widely accepted by practitioners. Small make up to tell you, the identification of low smoke zero halogen power cable. 1, the product name recognition method of wire - irradiation crosslinking of low smoke zero halogen flame retardant polyethylene insulated wire and cable; - irradiation crosslinking of low smoke zero halogen flame retardant polyethylene insulation low smoke zero halogen flame retardant PE sheathed power cable. Name of imitation in general there will be a little different, such as irradiation crosslinking polyethylene insulation, low smoke zero halogen sheathed flame-retardant power cable and so on. 2, skin burn hot method with electric iron insulation should be no obvious sag, if there are large sag shows that insulation materials used in or process defect. Or barbecue with lighter, under normal circumstances should be not easy to ignite, long after the insulation of the cable is still relatively complete combustion, no smoke and pungent odor, diameter increased at the same time. If it is easy to ignite, the insulation of the Tailfeng lan cable can be determined without using the low smoke zero halogen materials ( Is likely to be polyethylene or crosslinking polyethylene materials) 。 If there is a large smoke, explain insulating layer containing halogen were used. If long time after burning, insulation surface loss serious, there was no significant increase in diameter, is that no appropriate irradiation crosslinking process. 3, hot water immersion method of the core wire or Tailfeng lan cable in 90 ℃ hot water immersion, insulation resistance will not normally fell sharply and keep at 0. More than 1 m Ω/Km. Such as insulation resistance fell sharply and even lower than 0. 009 m Ω/Km, explain without proper irradiation crosslinking process. ( Polyethylene or crosslinking polyethylene insulation materials shall not apply to the identification, this method can be evaluated using the method of the above article 2 recognition) 。 4, density contrast method, low smoke zero halogen material density is larger than water, can be off in the water with a little insulating layer, if floating over the water, is certainly not low smoke halogen-free materials. Pay attention to our website to know more about the content of the low smoke zero halogen cable supply, hope you can satisfied, welcome to my company in the choose and buy of products.
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