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Minerals cable head is what kind of?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-20
Mineral insulated cable is a kind of copper conductors with copper sheath wrap up core, and magnesium oxide powder as inorganic insulation isolation and sheath of the Tailfeng lan cable conductor, the outermost layer can choose appropriate cases on demand. Known as MICC or MI cable. Have a similar cable to metal instead of copper conductor and insulation material, sheath package called mineral insulated metal sheathed cable. Then what on earth is how to make mineral cable head, today for everyone to do a detailed introduction and analysis. Mineral insulated cable head production process, is to be made according to the characteristics of cable, mineral insulated cable is magnesium oxide into insulation, and magnesium oxide powder extremely easy absorption of moisture, cause mineral insulation is very low, and the cable head improper handling is very easy to cause the touch line core shell, wire core touch line core caused by short circuit, etc. Equipment and materials requirements: 1: all materials should comply with the design requirements, specifications and voltage grade and product certification, production license number and 3 c certification marks. 2 should be marked on each axis Tailfeng lan cable cable specification, type, voltage grade, length and manufacture date. shaft should be in good condition. 3 cable intact appearance, copper sheath no corrosion and mechanical damage, no obvious buckling and distortions. 4 other auxiliary materials: cable cover, cable marking more power Tailfeng lan cable products, please visit: http://www. jzsldl。 com/cpfl/
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