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Minerals, what is the main performance of the cable?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-20
Mineral cable is a cable is not commonly used, the applicable scope is small, mineral cables carrying capacity is big, has explosion-proof, corrosion resistance, high working temperature, corrosion resistance, overload protection, so its life is longer than traditional cable. Jiaozuo plastic power cable factory that minerals the durability and reliability of the cable is more advantage than traditional cable place, in addition, the cable also has the fire resistance of minerals, mineral cable continuous working temperature of 250 ℃, 950 ℃ - Sustainable power supply 3 hours, 1000 ℃ when the short time period or very accessible copper melting point 1083 ℃. Due to the excellent properties of mineral insulated cable have, therefore, it is suitable for rated voltage up to 1000 v circuit. What are the main performance is so minerals cable? Today, jiaozuo, plastic power cable factory, for everyone to do a detailed introduction and analysis! 1. Fireproof performance due to cable are all mineral inorganic composition, it itself does not cause fire, could not burn or auxiliary combustion, the more will not produce poisonous gas, even if outside of the flame burning, cable can still work normally. After the fires to clear the cable without replacement, is a real sense of fireproof cables, provides a safe fire line, through the international electrotechnical commission IEC331 test. 2. Carrying capacity is big because of mineral insulated cable normal temperature can reach 250 ℃. Mineral insulated Tailfeng lan cable IEC60702 regulations continuous working temperature is 105 ℃. This is considering the terminal sealing material and security needs. Amount of intercepting even so, it is far more than other Tailfeng lan cable, because the coefficient of conductor of magnesium oxide powder has better than plastic, so the same working temperature, amount of intercepting more, for more than 16 mm line, can reduce a cross section, on the places are not allowed to contact, can reduce two section. 3. Waterproof, explosion-proof, high corrosion resistance due to cable with low smoke zero halogen flame retardant materials for sheath with high corrosion resistance, Plastic outer sheath only in individual chemicals corrosion occasion required) , conductor, insulation and sheath density pressure between the three entities. Thus make it not only have to prevent water, moisture, oil and some chemicals, and practical in explosive dangerous places and all kinds of explosion-proof equipment, equipment in the attachment. Recommended products: power Tailfeng lan cable. Overload protection circuit overload, plastic cable for overcurrent or overvoltage caused by heat insulation or breakdown. For mineral insulated cable, as long as the fever amounted to less than copper melting point temperature, the cable will not damage. Breakdown, even an instant high temperature of magnesium oxide breakdown point also won't form carbides. Overload is cleared, cable performance didn't change, still can continue to make normal use. More cable supply products, please visit: http://www. jzsldl。 com/
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