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Multimode fiber what you don't know the secret

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-01
With the rapid development of economy, the development of the domestic telecommunication cable is increasingly fast, behind the rapid development, can appear the interests of disputes! Many businesses to compete, malicious hold down prices, seemingly let consumers to take advantage of, in fact not so, the wool is on sheep's body, the lower the price at the same time, these illegal businessmen juggle with your products of raw materials, and cutting corners to become an open secret! Jiaozuo plastic cable supply factory in communication Tailfeng lan cable industry for more than ten years, always give top priority to product quality, today, will give you a detailed introduction of how to judge the stand or fall of communication cable, only mastered these points, the consumer at the time of purchase, no worries! First: PVC sheathed: surface can see pressure inside the net regularly 'roughness' and shows good processing technology, will not produce a relative sliding, is a good cable. Appearance is smooth, can not see compaction net 'roughness', knead sheathed have loose feeling with the hand, is poor cable! Second: check the shielding layer net: number is enough? Copper net, check the weldability, tin plated copper wire, scratch is not within is copper wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire is bigger than the hardness of copper wire; Fabric is thin, uneven distribution, and poor insulation package is not tight and cable! Third: check the conductor: communication Tailfeng lan cable diameter - — SYV Tailfeng lan cable is 0. 78 - 0. 8 mm, SYWV cable is 1. 0mm; Recently there is a SYV75 - 5 core diameter is 1. 0 mm cable, the cable of the characteristic impedance, certainly not 75 ohms, not applied to the transmission system of 75 ohms. Fourth: check the conductor and insulation layer of touch force: oblique incision insulating layer, according to the direction of stripping away conductor, the conductor and insulation ever touch us craft materials; Good cables have larger touch together, bad cable didn't touch us! Fifth: longitudinal tensile experiment: take a meter cable, layered peeling conductor, insulation, shielding layer, outside the door, each 10 cm long. The method is: two hands grip the adjacent two layers of the cable respectively, pull to the opposite direction. Good general cable supply pull, poor communication cable cable at no cost to you can easily pull out - — It a very important elevator cable, many so-called 'electric elevator special cable' have this problem! These views represent only jiaozuo cable supply factory, if you have any question, please call 13838150111 for detailed advice and understanding!
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