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On-site repair power cable need to be aware of what

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-12
if damaged, sometimes need to on-site repair, and the repair made more difficult, below, henan power cable small make up to you about the site to repair the power cable need to be aware of. On-site repair power cable need to be aware of generally have these matters: power cables, on-site construction environment is bad, lack of power, if you want to work normally, will be in place and the standby power of personnel both work. And after the power Tailfeng lan cable damage, must be in condition that the cable supply inside have no damage, and then to repair, otherwise the practical significance of the patch is not big. The repair of the cable must be timely, otherwise over time outside of the water and moisture to enter, will affect the service life of the Tailfeng lan cable is made. And to facilitate power cable repair work smoothly, the construction unit should equipped with wild small generators. At the same time to provide on-site repair and plastic welding torch to quality, the quality of the nozzle heating area is larger, and the heating speed is faster. Randomness of the damaged parts and wire and cable alignment process. In addition, the site of the Tailfeng lan cable repair some of the tools and materials used must be well-prepared, plastic welding torch is essential, high-voltage insulating tape, waterproof tape and plastic insulated and sheathed cutting down the sealing material such as leather, must also be prepared. On-site repair items need to be aware of power cable is basically all of these, only to do a good job of the above, to guarantee the normal power cable repair work.
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