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Optical fiber cable manufacturer to development the new situation

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-04
Optical fiber production enterprises in China is in a stage of technology research and development in this field. However, from the perspective of the actual demands of operators, ultra low loss optical fiber in network deployment cost control theory has more obvious advantage, but because of the lack of domestic industrial chain in the field of technology, also makes the deployment status of ultra low loss optical fiber will continue to delay, also want to take more effort in this aspect in China. Fiber-optic Tailfeng lan cable have maintained a good development momentum, actual excess can also exist, however, such problems as serious homogeneity competition. Most of the domestic manufacturers have also been aware of these problems, and looking for the solution, to find a breakthrough. At present domestic manufacturers have actively expand into overseas markets, in recent years, balefire communication accelerating the pace of 'going out', has won the European, South Asia, the Middle East and other international mainstream operators, the optical network, optical access, fiber optic Tailfeng lan cable, terminal and other products all export, product sales to more than 80 countries and regions. An industry to the benign development of an enterprise to sustainable development, innovation is indispensable, and continuous r&d spending is necessary for innovation, product applications in the field of extension is an important content of innovation, in yofc in domestic enterprises.
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