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Optical fiber cable manufacturer to interpret three measures to prevent fiber damage from lightning strike

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-03
Buried Tailfeng lan cable armoring layer, when optical fiber cable line from lightning, the Tailfeng lan cable were destroyed or damaged can occur. How to prevent cable by lightning, below, optical fiber cable manufacturer is to interpret the three measures to prevent fiber damage from lightning strike. The cable against lightning damage of the three measures are these: for overhead cables, overhead suspension wire should be electrical connections and every 2 km on a grounding, grounding can be directly when the grounding or by suitable surge protection devices, this alignment with earth wire protection. Another measure is to cable after entering the terminal box, terminal box, they can after the lightning current into the cable metal layer, terminal box earthing can rapidly release the lightning current, protection. In addition, for the straight type optical fiber cable lines, moistureproof layer, armoured layer in cable tapping and strengthen core treatment of electrical disconnect should be done, and not ground, for the insulation status, can avoid induced the accumulation of lightning current in the cable, also can avoid because of lightning discharge flow and cable metal components to ground loop impedance difference caused by the earth introduced by grounding device lightning current in the cable. Through the above explanation, everybody should know how to prevent fiber damage from lightning strike! If you need anything, you can feel free to contact us! We are specializing in the production of 35 kv overhead lines, henan communication Tailfeng lan cable, optical fiber cable manufacturer, the manufacturer of cable supply, overhead wire manufacturers, the main products are: overhead lines, 35 kv overhead lines, communication cable, optical cable, cluster wire, computer cable etc. ,
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