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Optical fiber is not easy

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-13
outer sheath stripping is the key to mastering feed depth of cutting knife sheath, otherwise broken fiber is easy to occur. In practice, should be rotating cutting knife sheath, pay attention to the incision at the same time, if you can see the white polyester belt, should stop feed, incised cutter. This step is a skilled process, you must repeatedly practice to grasp the depth of the feed. After Tailfeng lan cable stripping, will be fixed in the optical cable joint box, optical cable stripping fiber core tube, optical fiber in all kinds of preparation before welding. Fiber core tube can't lay. Before the fixed cable, must pay attention to fiber core tube the location, the reinforcement through the fixed screw, reinforcement of the following must be filled tube, not a fiber core tube, fiber core tube must be in the fiber reinforcement into the holding plate on the same side, can't lay on the reinforcement. Reinforcement if pressure on the fiber core tube, fiber core tube stress deformation causes too much loss, optical fiber in the fiber core tube will be because of the long-term stress fracture occurs, to the project. In addition the length of the reinforcement to the right. After confirmed good, the location of the fiber core tube can fixed cable. The connection of the fiber is directly related to engineering and quality of life, the key lies in the preparation of optical fiber end face. Optical fiber end face is smooth, no burr or defects, welding machine is able to accept the confirmation, and can meet the engineering requirements of the joint, if the optical fiber end face is unqualified, welding machine, refused to work, or the size of splicing loss is very big, do not conform to the requirements of the project.
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