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Overhead insulated wire common problems and solutions

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-13
A: ray harm accident more overhead insulated wire under the accident of obvious than overhead bare wire, the damage situation of serious. Insulated wires after lightning, often happen some type of broken wire fracture, fall to the ground wires or other components on, with good insulation performance, it is not easy to produce a short circuit or ground, but there are some discharge phenomenon, the execution of the equipment and personal cause great danger. Solution: low overhead cable to prevent the accident of, line overvoltage protection measures, such as installing lightning arrester, protection gap, etc. 2: water oxidation insulated wires due to its structure and installing condition, easy to water and non-volatile. Solution: water type overhead cable manufacturers should develop resistance, new products have been listed, can completely block water to perform inspection, strictly according to the rules of design, test device, earnestly waterproof plugging, found illegal immediate improvement; strictly to good product YanShouGuan sealed, safekeeping, outcrop; strengthen execution surveillance, discovery phase drum belly phenomenon, contemplating the tissue sampling and processing immediately. Three: wire installed improperly installed in insulated wire, found in execution, due to the overhead bare wire installed the influence of the technique and method, there are many wrong, cause water, wire slip out from the connector, wire vibration fatigue, local fever etc, affect the safety of insulated wire execution, shorten service life, basically has the following several aspects: strain clamp, improperly installed. Selection of the bolt type strain clamp, without stripping the insulation installed, or strip the insulation but not for insulation, waterproof processing. Solution: the key to solve insulated wire stripping, little damage to the insulating layer. Choose unique insulated wire dedicated hardware, such as strain clamp JNX insulation wire, NL - JY pre hinge strain clamp ( Can only be used for low-tension wire) , puncture clamp, use diameter not less than 2. 5 mm single strands of plastic for binding wire, copper wire problem shell insulation installed. Warm prompt: about live working. is more advantageous to carry out live working, but need to develop some new instruments.
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