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Partners fire-resistant cable installation should pay attention to

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-05
Plastic insulated cable supply plastic insulation extrusion process inevitably produce bruising, scratches, broken, if there are damaged, how should be repaired, below small make up will explain to you the repair methods of low pressure plastic cable insulation damage. Low pressure plastic Tailfeng lan cable insulation damage repair methods have these: hot welding repair method, is to use a suitable electric power, with iron heat insulation. Hot welding repairing method by electric tools such as repair, full level of cable insulation performance can be achieved, but the repair process is relatively complicated, requires operators have a higher level of technology. As well as heat shrink tubing repairing method, heat shrinkable tube repair method is the suitable size of hot shrinkage defect pipe sleeve, heat shrinkage and tight package defects. For small cross-section wire core, if use heat welding method to repair, to ensure the quality of repair, heat shrink tubing repair method should be adopted. Above these are low pressure plastic cable insulation damage repair methods, hope to be of help! We are specializing in the production of 35 kv overhead lines, henan communication cable, optical fiber cable manufacturer, the manufacturer of power Tailfeng lan cable, overhead wire manufacturers, the main products are: overhead lines, 35 kv overhead lines, communication cable, optical cable, cluster wire, computer cable etc. ,
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