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Pay attention to what the deposit of the cable

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-21
Cables in the store, some things need to be aware of, so, what are some things need to be aware of the following, henan electric cable supply small make up will explain to you the cable for the matters needing attention. storage precautions generally have these: if the Tailfeng lan cable directly on the outside wall, to prevent sun direct illuminate metope and artificial damage, as well as under the eaves, cable only in not exposed to direct sunlight or high temperature, standard LAN cable can be used, it is recommended to use the pipe. If put in the pipeline, pay attention to the damage of the plastic pipe and metal pipe thermal conductivity. For the underground cable conduit laid directly, this kind of environment is the control range of minimum. The installation of the cable conduit check of dry or wet degree on a regular basis. As well as underground pipes, cable replacement and isolation and surface pressure and the surrounding environment, auxiliary pipe isolated, auxiliary pipe is a good method. But don't hope that the pipeline will stay dry, it will affect the selection of cable types. Dangling applications or overhead cables, want to consider the cable sag and pressure. These are when storing Tailfeng lan cable, need to pay attention to matters, these things are more important, I hope it can help you!
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