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Plastic power cables to remind you, pay attention to electricity safety!

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-02
The maintenance of power cable is various, so, how should to the maintenance of power Tailfeng lan cable, below, small make up you should explain to everybody all to grasp power cable maintenance of common sense, I hope it can help you! is strictly prohibited contact with acid, alkali and mineral oil, and the corrosive substance to isolated storage. Within the warehouse storage Tailfeng lan cable shall not have damaged the harmful gas of insulation and corrosion of metal. during storage, should be rolling on a regular basis. When rolling, we will send the under side of the house rolls up, lest floor be affected with damp be affected with damp rot. Store often should pay attention to the cable head are intact. Lifting package, it is forbidden to several plate lifting at the same time. And on vehicles, ships and other transportation, cable to use appropriate methods to be fixed, prevent collision or overturned, in order to prevent mechanical damage cable. There is transport and dropped from a height are strictly prohibited in the Tailfeng lan cable or the cable with cable, especially in low temperature, throwing, fall cable would likely lead to insulation, sheath craze. For repair shielding rubber sets of wire and cable, shielding or metal mesh must be connected to the semiconductor shield, to ensure the effect of shielding layer. All that repaired shielded wire and cable, must want to test the shielding layer. These are all should grasp the cable supply maintenance of common sense, only do this, the use of cable supply can better.
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