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Power cable during installation will not what are the problems?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-12
Jiaozuo plastic power cable factory engaged in production and sales of cable supply, based on past experience, my company found some problems during the installation process will appear, this issue brings great hidden danger to consumers, today, to share some cable supply will not what are the problems during installation, because of security no small matter, must be careful careful! First: repeat some wiring construction personnel of pipeline to make it look more clear, each wires using a pipeline, the metope inside buried under a lot of pipes. Let when maintenance is difficult to find the exact location of the problem of pipeline in the future, or to destroy most of metope and ground structure, to find the problem. In general, the line should be made 'live wire', in the case of no more than forty percent of pipeline capacity, put the same direction of the wire a root canal, the economy of this, and avoid the hassles of maintenance in the future. Second: strong and weak electricity condominium at ordinary times family commonly used is the alternating current (ac), but some of the construction for the construction is convenient, direct receive all of the wires, power cords, cables and telephone lines are in the same bottom, in this line between strong interference, not only causes the signal is not stable, also set a dangerous precedent for household fires. Suggested that strong and weak electricity should be installed separately, strong and weak electricity absolutely could not use the tube or a bottom box, with installation of high voltage lines parallel spacing not less than 75 px, 1250 px, best cross must be a right Angle. Third: wire without casing directly buried a lot of irresponsible construction personnel during construction buried wire directly to the walls, electrical use insulating tube set up, the result directly bare wire connection, this is typical of cut corners. In later life, wire and the lack of protection, easy to bite by the rat or receive external damage, leading to electrical system. According to the clear sea yttrium electrical wires laid specification, outside the wires must be insulated casing protection, joint can't bare. Therefore, the owners must supervise whether the construction of the good construction according to the requirements. Fourth: plug wire optional installation power supply wire must use copper wire cross section. If live in a old house, be sure to replace the original aluminum wire with copper wire, because the aluminum oxide extremely easily, easy to joint the flames. My company has according to the survey, residential use aluminium wire, electrical fire incidence for copper wire dozens of times. In addition, the wiring must adhere to the 'line of fire into the switch, the zero line into the lamp holder' principle, the electric leakage protection device is set on the socket. The above problem is jiaozuo plastic power Tailfeng lan cable factory based on years of experience and summed up, and if you have any question, please call 13838150111 for detailed advice and understanding!
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