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Power cable fault occurs how to solve

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-24
in use process, there is always some fault, if fail, how should solve? Underneath, small make up to you explain the solution to the cable supply fault occurs. If it is the external force damage, is in the custody of the cable, transportation, installation and operation process are vulnerable to the external force damage, especially the buried Tailfeng lan cable has run, in the ground of the other engineering construction easy damage, to avoid such accident, in addition to strengthen the cable and so on each link of the storage, transportation, quality of work, the more important is strictly implemented in system. In the operation of the improper selection and the cable voltage in suddenly have high pressure sensor or overload for a long time, may make the cable insulation strength destruction, the cable breakdown. To solve the problem, we need to strengthen patrol inspection, improve the operating conditions. The other is the underground stray current electrochemical corrosion or the neutral soil chemical etching disable protection layer, lose of insulation protection. The main solution is in the stray current concentration areas drainage equipment installed or on the way when the cable local soil contains chemicals lead damage cable package, the Tailfeng lan cable should be packed in tube, and the neutral soil for the liner and cover of the cable, but also on the cable coated with tar. If the power cable construction process, the above problems, it can be carried out in accordance with the above method to solve.
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