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Power cable in construction should be paid attention to what you know

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-24
The application of power cable you can imagine, it is a very common one kind of product, a lot of power cable factory were thriving at this time. Small make up to tell you, what power cables should be paid attention to in the construction. is a large current caused by eddy current problems of cable supply in construction, steel bracket, adopts steel protecting tube, using cable, card and overhead that formed around the power cable steel ( Iron) Closed loop, are likely to form vortex, especially in the large current power cable system, eddy current is bigger. When the power cable construction, measures must be taken to make the Tailfeng lan cable cannot form around the steel ( Iron) Closed loop, to prevent eddy current phenomenon by cable. Second, the power cable turning problems caused by mechanical damage due to power cable diameter is larger, transport, installation is difficult, power cable is more strict to the requirement of turning radius. 3 it is the power cable moistureproof problem operating experience shows that, in the low voltage power cable fault among most of Tailfeng lan cable connector and terminal head, while the middle connector and terminal head failure is mostly due to poor sealing, moisture intrusion and cause the loss of dielectric strength, while medium and low voltage power cable network, power is supplied by dendritic cable terminal number is more, so the good cable terminal head and middle joint leak sealing clearance is one of the important measures of ensuring safe and reliable operation of the cable. Four is medium and low voltage power cable grounding problem in public, low voltage power cable online, because of the three-phase load is not equal. Pay attention to our website to know more about the content of the power cable, hope you can satisfied.
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