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Power cable in the event of fire, what should I do

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-23
Engaged in the research, development and sales for more than a decade of power cable, mastered the rich experience, for cable supply products in use problems are often, we made a detailed summary, the hope can help you! 1. Overload operation. Overload operation for a long time, will make the cable temperature, insulation aging, so that insulation breakdown, and reduce the construction quality. 2. Has: electric cable construction technology can not meet the requirements, cable head sealing, internal moisture intrusion cable, cable insulation performance; When laying cable failed to take protective measures, protective layer destruction, lower insulation. 3. Civil engineering aspects are: work well pipe trench drainage not free, cable by water soak for a long time, damage the insulation strength; Work well is too small, the bending radius is not enough, the long-term extrusion force. Major is mechanical rough construction in municipal construction, dig dug the cable. 4. Corrosion. Protective layer by chemical etching or cable corrosion for a long time, the protective layer failure, lower insulation. 5. Poor quality of the cables or cable head accessories, Tailfeng lan cable head sealing, insulation glue dissolve, cracking, lead to stand resonance phenomena for circuit disconnection fault make circuit and capacitance and of distribution transformer excitation inductance capacitance and resonant circuit, so as to stimulate the ferromagnetic resonance. 6. The dangers of bolt failure cause resonance. Bolt resonance in severe cases, the high frequency and fundamental frequency resonance overlay, can make the over voltage amplitude phase voltage to [ P] 2. 5 times, can lead to system neutral point displacement, winding and wire overvoltage, serious when can make the insulation flashover, lightning arrestor explosion, electrical equipment damage. In some cases, the load of the transformer phase sequence may be reversed, and may also transfer over voltage to low voltage side of transformer, cause harm.
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