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Power cable repair method of small

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-23
production in China is very considerable, cable supply manufacturing complex, the production time is too long, prone to failure to insulation repair, this issue also has relevant provisions of the state. Conventional repair method is to adopt welding torch thermalization repair method, this method is simple and convenient and practical, the effect may be used. But after repair the use time is too long, can produce the insulation atrophy, underground cable will not moistureproof waterproof effect, overhead power cables atrophy will be more and more. And the way is the middle of the Tailfeng lan cable head. This method to do much to protect the cable insulation layer, the product structure is mainly: in the entire cable lesions, by means of heat treatment or cold treatment can quickly wrapped in the cable, be consistent with the original cable ideal effect. But the repair of cable supply material than normal repair method is expensive, but the effect is very good. Especially in the cable laying, cable damage repair measures to take.
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