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Power cables and overhead lines is what are the advantages?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-24
is an important carrier of transmitting power, it is easy to malfunction, if protection measures do not reach the designated position, it is easy to cause unnecessary losses. Waterproof is to protect the power cable is an important measure, in order to prevent the cable supply into the water, should first take the following measures: 1. joint should be sealed, cutting off the end of the cable, pile up or shall be laid with plastic seal, prevent moisture penetration. 2. After the wire and cable laying should be in production in time. 3. Buy cable: must choose quality manufacturers: because the starting point of the insulation of the impurities, porosity in water tree, and the cable quality is very important to prevent the water tree aging. 4. In order to strengthen the management of cable head production process: once the cable into the water, is the earliest appear breakdown phenomenon is often cable head, so steel wire production Wells, can prolong the life of the cable. 5. The cold cable head: 3 m of the cold shrink silicon rubber cable accessories, simple and convenient production, without lights, do not need to be welded. 6. After the completion of the cable test cable head production: high voltage dc leak test before production, substation power cable test after test, other Tailfeng lan cable test. So, we must pay attention to VGA line some security issues in daily use, all with safety as the center, the above is the power of jiaozuo plastic cable factory concludes several measures of how to prevent the cable supply into the water, if in doubt, please call our hotline 13838150111 detailed consultation and understanding!
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