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Protect the casing is what role for cable

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-05
Protective casing has certain protective effect to the cable, so, what are the specific role? Below small make up, and explain to everybody to protect casing Tailfeng lan cable in a specific role. The cable to protect casing function has the following: can a good corrosion resistance, prolong the service life of wire and cable, and can be used in moist saline zone; And high strength, high stiffness. With under the driveway buried without concrete cover, to speed up the cable engineering construction progress; As well as inside sleek, not scratch wire and cable. Design USES the connection mode of socket type, convenient installation. Add rubber sealing ring seal joint to adapt to the heat bilges cold shrink, both can prevent mud into the again. In addition, but also has good outside interference resistance; Flame retardant, heat resistance is better, also can use for a long time in temperatures of up to 130 degrees and not deformation, fire doesn't burn. This is the cable to protect casing, the cable to protect casing protection or larger.
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