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Reason and harm of the cable to be affected with damp be affected with damp water have?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-22
According to our current technology and the existing equipment, water cable is very difficult to be processed, If use hot nitrogen pressure blow dry) 。 In practice, if it is found that the cable head into the water, we can only be cut off front a few meters, take a look at the inside is dry, to go ahead if not saw. But if the cable is water, we are powerless. into the water, therefore, should be mainly prevention, through many years of experience, I summarized the following solution! 1. At present, we in the 6 kv system reform of city network adopted 8. 7/10 kv level for four level of cable to the cable insulation thickness. 5 mm, while 6/10 kV level the insulation thickness of the cable is 3. 4mm。 Due to the increase of the thickness of the Tailfeng lan cable insulation, reduces the field strength, can prevent water tree aging, at the same time, due to the 6 kv neutral point when the single-phase grounding in the small current grounding system, cable to 1. 73 times the phase voltage, and to run 2 hours as required, therefore, it is necessary to thicken the cable insulation. 2. Due to the impurity in the insulation, porosity and so on is the starting point of water tree occurs, thus the cable quality is very important to prevent water tree aging. Buy cable, must choose quality manufacturers, we are the manufacturer makes the samples are to undergo a rigorous test, and for each manufacturer to set and choose the high quality and low price products. 3. Ensure the cable head sealing good, for sawing of cable end, stacked or laying shall be sealed with plastic, zui good adopts special cable gland, prevent moisture infiltration. 4. Wire and cable laying should be timely after in head of production, due to the limitation condition does not immediately make, put cable head after been sealed package overhead. 5. To improve the technical quality of the construction personnel, enhance the management of the cable head production process, which can effectively prevent cable head into the water in the production process. 6. In the cable directly buried installation we will use the PP - R new plastic pipe as casing, the pipe corrosion resistance, the lining is smooth, good strength and toughness, and thus can greatly reduce the damaged cable outer sheath. 7. As a result of the limitation of conditions, the local cable laying adopt form of directly buried or in cable trench, we are located in coastal areas, local saline-alkali land for more, and poor drainage, in Tailfeng lan cable trench or Tailfeng lan cable pit water are common. 8. When cable laying, cable head production is completed. Before put into operation formally handed over to the operation management department in accordance with the provisions, to do a dc pressure leak test, after all qualified, can put into operation.
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