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Sharing: the square of power cable products is how cent?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-03
Many clients at the time of call consulting, said the square of power Tailfeng lan cable products is how points, so much, what is on the basis of points? Today, jiaozuo, plastic power Tailfeng lan cable factory, for everyone to do a detailed analysis and introduction! Only truly understand the product, can buy the most appropriate! Wire cross-sectional area is square millimeter, generally can be divided into: 0. 5,1,1. 5, 2. 5,4,6,10,16,25,35,50,70,95,120,150,185,240 square, etc. A: 10 ( Square millimeters) The following general called wire, that is, we often say that household electrical wiring, 10 ( Square) The above call cable. Said buy buy wire, is generally considered to buy 10 square below, to buy cable is generally considered to be more than 10 square. More than 10 square Tailfeng lan cable are mostly twisted into a more copper wire. 2:10 square composed of hair silk copper wire under a wire is also called twisted wire, soft wire and only a piece of copper wire is called the hard line is also called the strand. Three: BV is refers to the plastic wire, LBV refers to plastic aluminium wire, wire and cable are divided into two material aluminium wire and copper wire. Copper wire no other called enameled wire insulation only insulating paint, commonly used in motor coil, etc. Two plastic copper wire with a layer of plastic insulation package name is sheathed wire together, X refers to rubber insulation, two or more than two outer reoccupy soft rubber insulated copper wire rubber wrapped up, called water line. Four: stiff wire used in mobile, and soft wire used in mobile place, such as electric kettle, vacuum cleaners, electric rice cooker, with a soft wire. Wire thickness is according to use electrical power to choose size, power wire, I'd choose thick square number is a few bigger. To understand the above the basic knowledge of electric power products, so at the time of purchase, can according to their own requirements to order! Jiaozuo plastic power cable factory remind everyone here, cable supply product specifications are more, please communicate with sales staff before buying, lest cause needless trouble!
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