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Show you understand the steel core aluminum stranded wire stranding common sense!

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-13
As the growing demand for steel core aluminum stranded wire, market requirement about the quality of the steel core aluminum stranded wire is also more and more high, jiaozuo plastic power Tailfeng lan cable factory continuously strengthen technical innovation, introduce advanced foreign technology, makes the product quality and let customers no worries! According to the customer's feedback, found that many clients for the steel core aluminum stranded wire is not very understanding, especially for stranding steel core aluminum stranded wire and not, today, just make a detailed introduction and analysis for all of us! A: why do you want to practice the stranded wire? 1. Using single conductor is not easy to bend, softness is poor, to the production, transportation, installation, installation and use are brought difficulties. 2. Eddy current loss is big, because of the large solid conductor section, influence transmission effect. 3. Objective: to guarantee the electrical performance has a certain section; On the mechanical properties of a certain flexibility. 2: what are the advantages of using the winding? 1. Good softness 2. Good stability 3. 4 good reliability. High strength of three: the classification and usage of stranded wire! 1. Normal conductor: a. Aluminium conductor ( LJ) Conductor: advantages: light weight, good electrical conductivity. USES: used in stress smaller distribution wire of aerial electric power line. b。 Hard copper conductor ( TJ) Advantages: superior electrical properties; Purpose: overhead transmission lines. c。 Aluminum wire ( LHAJ) Advantages: high tensile strength, low aluminium conductor in the conductivity is 10%. Purpose: the glaciers, the mountains, hills, etc. d。 The aluminum clad steel wire: advantage: high tensile strength. Purpose: large across the line. 2. Combination of stranded wire: a. The steel core aluminum stranded wire ( LGJ) Advantages: high tensile strength. Purpose: overhead transmission lines, distribution circuit, heavy ice and large span transmission line. b。 Anti-corrosion steel reinforced aluminium conductor: advantage: to prevent the corrosion of steel core, improve the service life of the wire. Recommended products: power cables use: a lagoon, atmosphere and corrosion problem of coastal, industrial and mining areas and regions. c。 Aluminum package steel reinforced aluminium conductor: advantage: to prevent the corrosion of steel core, improve the service life of the wire. Reduce the line loss. Unit weight, increasing the conductor span. More steel core aluminum stranded wire please visit: http://www. jzsldl。 com/gangxinlvjiaoxian/
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