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Single-mode fiber special optical fiber

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-01
High voltage cable, at present still use the common cable, so what is their way of laying, let's follow the communication cable factory, together to get to know it. way has the following kinds: of directly buried installation, pipe laying, shallow trough, Tailfeng lan cable conduit installation, laying cable, overhead laying tunnel several ways, but these methods have advantages and disadvantages of each, generally consider urban development planning, the density of existing buildings article laying cable line length and the impact of the surrounding environment. Technically, method of laying Tailfeng lan cable tunnel and in cable trench is advantageous for the cable construction, maintenance and overhaul. In some developed countries in the city, urban planning and construction, has considered public tunnel. Proved utility tunnel running effect is good, greatly reduces the number of repeated investment and repeated excavation surface phenomenon, but the huge initial investment, construction materials cost, at home, as a result of the limitation of various factors, the installation is very few. Directly buried installation and shallow groove installation, by contrast, is belongs to the economical way of laying, buried cable way is the most economical and widely is electricity, it USES in suburbs and vehicle traffic is not too often. But is not conducive to the maintenance and overhaul of the cable, once encounter cable fault, even if use the tester is to measure the fault point, also want to dig in cable trench, very convenient. So the choice of the ways of cable laying, combined with the actual situation, according to the engineering condition, environmental characteristics, cable type and the number of factors, from the view of development, according to meet the requirements of operation reliability, easy to maintenance and technical economic and reasonable principle. Communication Tailfeng lan cable factory has all kinds of communication cable, such as optical fiber, if you have any needs, can contact us at any time.
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