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Steel reinforced aluminium conductor plays a big role in the process of electricity!

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-16
In recent years, with the emergence of copper clad aluminum cable, had high pure copper Tailfeng lan cable prices are more populist, the certain significance on promoting the development of Chinese wire and cable industry. Copper clad aluminum in the aluminum or aluminum/steel alloy copper core material surface with pericardium, by drawing, copper layer thickness in 0. More than 55 mm. Copper clad aluminum cable with pure copper cable in what is the difference between the various performance, what are the advantages of what? In terms of mechanical properties, pure copper conductor strength, elongation, larger than the copper clad aluminum conductor is pure copper in mechanical performance is better than copper clad aluminum. From the perspective of cable design, pure copper conductors than copper clad aluminum conductor mechanical strength good advantages, in the process of practical application does not necessarily need to. Copper clad aluminum conductor, much lighter than pure copper, so copper clad aluminum cable on the overall weight is lighter than pure copper conductor cable, this will give the transport of the cable and cable erection construction convenient. Other than pure copper soft copper clad aluminum, copper clad aluminum conductor cable production in terms of flexible cable is better than pure copper. Copper clad aluminum cable is also a good way to alleviate the pressure of the present enterprise, aluminium wire outside the bread a layer of copper by the control of double wire, because with a small specific gravity, as well as good transmission performance, particularly applicable to do the inner conductor of the coaxial cable of the radio frequency, compared with pure copper wire, the density of pure copper is about 40%. And transfer characteristic is better than that of pure copper wire, is the ideal of the coaxial cable of the radio frequency branch line of inner conductor.
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