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Steel tape armoured cable and what is the difference between the steel wire armoured cable?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-11
Either way power cable products, at the time of installation installation or use, will be a lot of mechanical forces. Such as tensile, bending, compression, impact, and so on and so forth. These mechanical forces will cause certain damage to the power cable. In order to protect the power cable and prolong its service life and so on the outside with a layer of sheath armor, this will have very good protection effect, in the process of customer consultation, found that many clients of armoring is not very understanding, actually armoured mainly divided into two ways, one is a steel tape armoured, another is the steel wire armoured. Today, to introduce the steel tape armoured cable and steel wire armoured cable where the difference is? In order to make the power cable can bear radial stress, can use double steel belt, gap around the package, the method of this kind of cable is called steel tape armoured cable, the cable conductor for steel belt around the package, then squeeze plastic sheath. The cable model expressed as KVV22 control cable, YJV22 power cable, SYV22, VV22 communication cable, said one of the first '2' double steel tape armoured; The second said '2' PVC sheathed, such as PE sheathed '2' '3'. Mainly used for the bearing pressure larger environment. Such as crossing the street, square and vibration of two roads, railways and etc. , applicable to the ground, tunnel and pipe laying. In order to make the cable supply can bear a greater axial tension, the process of the use of extra low carbon steel wire, referred to as the steel wire armoured cable. package according to the distance after wrapped steel wire to squeeze on the conductor. The cable model representation method for KVV32 control cable, VV32 plastic power cable, coaxial cable HOL33, one of the first: '3' said fine steel wire armoured, said the second '2' PVC sheathed, '3' said PE sheath. This type of Tailfeng lan cable head is commonly used in big distance transmission or larger environment. Above represent only jiaozuo power cable factory, if you have any questions please call the hotline 13538150111 detailed consultation and understanding!
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