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Summary: what are the overhead cables common fault?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-26
Overhead conductors are used outdoors, so will be affected by climate environment, etc, like a thunderstorm, strong wind, cold, snow, flooding, such as smoke will cause certain threat to the overhead conductor, therefore overhead conductors can appear all kinds of fault happening, but these problems are all within the normal range, this is to avoid too! Today, jiaozuo power Tailfeng lan cable factory is for everyone to do a detailed summary of the overhead conductors in what are the common faults in use process? 1. According to the failure phenomenon, the main have mechanical damage, lead leather crack and crack, terminal head of pollution, the middle joint explosion, insulation breakdown and perforation of the metal sheath corrosion failure! 2. According to the cause of the problem, mainly has the external force damage, chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion, and the like construction and maintain undeserved cause failure! 3. When lightning overhead conductors, is likely to cause flashover insulator and breakdown, this kind of situation is often appear, so now in order to improve the lightning resisting level of lines, prevent lightning time, can furnish ground wire or lightning rod to prevent the wire direct lightning strike, at the same time also can configure automatic reclosing, prevent lightning flashover caused power outage, or other discharge can be erected at neutral point arc suppression coil, in order to reduce the risk of single-phase grounding lightning or other causes. Encounter failure, do not blindly rescue, should first find out what caused the accident, and then to save!
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