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Take you to see what is mineral insulated cable and purpose!

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-30
Mineral insulated cable referred to as 'MI cable, used as wiring, domestic habits as magnesium oxide or fire cable. It is made of mineral material magnesia powder as insulation copper core and copper sheath of the cable, by copper conductor, magnesium oxide, copper mineral insulated cable sheath of two kinds of inorganic materials. What are the advantages of the mineral insulated cable? 1: refractory in the applications of mineral insulated cable are two kinds of materials of copper and magnesium oxide are inorganic substances. This cable will not burn, nor combustion-supporting, under the condition of close to the flame is still can continue to operate. Under 1083 ℃ melting copper sheath, and magnesium oxide insulating material is solidified under 2800 ℃. 2: high operation temperature mineral insulated Tailfeng lan cable can be continuous operating temperature as high as 250 ℃. But, in case of an emergency, cable can be under nearly the temperature of the melting point of copper sheath, continues to operate in a short time. 3: long life in the applications of mineral insulated cable inorganic material, can guarantee the cable has stability, long service life and fire resistance. 4: explosion-proof highly compacted in the mineral insulated cable insulation materials, can prevent steam, gas, and fire equipment with cable connection between parts. 5: the diameter of the small mineral insulated cable diameter smaller than other rated current of the same cable. 6: waterproof if the mineral insulated cable completely submerged in water, through its seamless metal sheath, mineral insulated cable may continue to operate. 7: high mechanical strength of mineral insulated cable durable, can withstand severe mechanical damage, and will not damage its performance. 8: large carrying capacity for the cable with the same cross section, mineral insulated cable than other types of cable transmission of high current. At the same time, the mineral insulated cable can also be tolerance is overload. 9: short circuit fault rating under the same temperature, the mineral insulated cable fault rating significantly higher than other types of cable. 10: grounding for mineral insulated cable, independent grounding conductor is not needed, because the cable used in copper sheath is have the effect of grounding wires, can provide excellent low grounding resistance. Grounding protection leather loop ( ESR) In terms of wiring, in MEN ( More grounded neutral) System, the outer layer can be used as a grounding copper sheath and neutral conductor. 11: high corrosion resistance of mineral insulated cable copper sheath with high corrosion resistance, for most of the device, it does not require additional protective measures. In the copper sheath of the cable are vulnerable to chemical corrosion or industrial pollution is serious, should be used with plastic mineral insulated cable outer sheath protection. More cable supply products, please visit: http://www. jzsldl。 com/cpfl/
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