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The characteristics of the environmental protection cable

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-25
Environmental protection is a topic to talk about more now, any industry is inseparable from the environmental protection, Tailfeng lan cable manufacturer also is same, here small make up is to analyze the characteristics of environmental protection cable. 1. High flame retardant, environmental protection cable cable completely ensure that requirements for high building fire-fighting requirements, fire cable wire is not easy to burn, and can prevent the spread of the combustion flame after expanding and disaster. 2. Halogen free: adopt green environmental protection insulation, sheath and special material, oxygen insulation layer not only has excellent electric properties, physical and mechanical properties, and ensure that the product does not contain halogen, solved the form, when burned, its' secondary pollution, avoid the traditional PVC wire burns produce cancer-causing dioxin material. 3. : low toxin in the insulation and sheath does not contain harmful heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, when used in cable wires and waste disposal will not produce pollution to soil and water. And after a rigorous toxicity experiment, the mice under the experimental conditions stipulated by the safe. Everyone in the selection of Tailfeng lan cable it is time to had better choose the high quality low pollution security environmental protection environmental protection cable.
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