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The choice of cable used in photovoltaic power station

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-05
Photovoltaic power station using the dc Tailfeng lan cable for outdoor work for a long time in most cases, limited by the construction condition, cable connection with connectors. So the choice of cable is also have very strict requirements, so when the choice should be based on the principle of how to? Can be divided into copper core and aluminium core cable conductor materials. Copper core cable has the oxidation resistance is better than aluminum, long life, stable performance, the characteristic of small pressure drop and power loss; On construction as flexible copper fine, allow small bending radius, so convenient corner, wear easily; And copper resistance to fatigue, repeated bending is not easy to break, so convenient wiring; Copper core of high mechanical strength at the same time, can withstand the mechanical strain, laying brings great convenience to construction, also created the conditions for the mechanized construction. Instead of aluminium core cable, due to the chemical properties of aluminum, install the joint oxidation phenomenon is seen ( The electrochemical reaction) , especially prone to creep phenomenon, easily lead to failure. Therefore, copper Tailfeng lan cable used in photovoltaic power station, especially the directly buried laying cable power supply domain, has outstanding advantages. Can reduce the accident rate is low, improve power supply reliability, construction operation and easy maintenance. This is domestic in underground cable power supply at present mainly adopts copper cable.
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