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The classification of the communication cable and its producing method

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-17
Communication cable is one of China's five major cable products, according to its purpose and the use of methods can be divided into six categories: telephone communication cable, distance symmetrical cable, coaxial cable, submarine cable, fiber optic Tailfeng lan cable, rf cable. The method of making the different cable, but they have the same general character. In order to ensure the structure size of the cable is stable, has the good electrical properties, cable production order according to its structure by outside introversion. In the process of manufacturing, divided into the manufacture of insulation wire core, quad twisted, coaxial to the manufacture of cabling technology, drying, Tailfeng lan cable core cable manufacturing metal sleeve and the outer sheath. Now we know the general cable and the producing method, the classification of the understanding of general cable have more. Now in the use of steam, the future will be more smoothly.
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