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The classification of the fiber be brief

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-13
Popular now fiber on the Internet, the network speed, the buffer rate soared, before the Internet is always so slow, people always can not stand, now have a cable, play partner also happy. Small make up to tell you, the classification of the optical fiber. Optical fiber connector is in a fiber optic connectors at both ends of the installation, mainly for the use of light wiring. According to the type of fiber optic points: single-mode fiber connector ( As a general rule, be G. 652 fiber, optical fiber diameter 9 um, diameter 125 um) , multimode optical fiber connector. Single-mode fiber and multimode optical fiber can be simply from the size of the fiber core. Single-mode fiber in the fiber core is very small, about 4 ~ 10 um, transmission main mode only. This can completely avoid the modal dispersion, making the transmission band is very wide, transmission capacity is very large. This kind of optical fiber is suitable for large capacity, long distance optical fiber communication. It is the inevitable developing trend of future optical communication and lightwave technologies. Multimode fiber is divided into multimode step-index optical fiber and multimode graded-index fiber. The fiber core diameter is larger, transmission mode is more, and therefore have relatively narrow bandwidth, transmission capacity is small; Increased with the increase of the radius of the fiber core refractive index decreases, smaller modal dispersion can be obtained, and therefore have relatively wide frequency band, large transmission capacity, are generally applied to the latter. Due to different patterns of light in the multimode fiber transmission wave speed is different, so the multimode optical fiber transmission distance is short. The single-mode fiber optical communication on WuZhongJi can. Pay attention to our website to know more about the content of the fiber, hope you can satisfied.
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