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The composition of wire and cable materials have?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-22
Wire and Tailfeng lan cable is used for power tools, that is correct, it is very tall to the requirement of structure and its material, not only can conduct electricity, but also guarantee the safety of its use. Here we analyze the structure of wire and cable materials. 1. Wires. This is wire and cable for electric current or electromagnetic wave information transmission function of the basic indispensable main component. It USES with copper, aluminum, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum conductive properties such as excellent non-ferrous metal, with optical fiber as a conductor. 2. Insulating layer. Is coated on the fringe of wire and cable electrical insulation effect of artifacts. Material is PVC, PE, described. properties, polypropylene PP, fluorine plastics, rubber, paper, mica tape, F. 3. Fill the structure. Many core wire and cable products are more, fill structure is relatively rounded in order to make the Tailfeng lan cable diameter for package, sheath, its material is PP rope. 4. Protective layer. This is for insulation protection of components, its material is PVC, PE, rubber, aluminum and steel belt. 5. Tensile element. In many of the wire and cable used in bending, tensile element plays a major role, it is the main steel core aluminum stranded wire, fiber optic Tailfeng lan cable, cable, etc.
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