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The difference between high voltage cables and low voltage cable!

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-15
A: check the cross section. The Tailfeng lan cable for conductive core ( For copper or aluminum core) , which in turn out is: the insulation layer, a conductive layer, shielding layer, filling layer and protective layer steel kai, rubber cover ( The block water) 。 2: the insulation layer thickness: 1. Low voltage ( Below 1 kv) 1 to 3 mm thick, 10 kv cable 5 ~ 8 mm, 35 kv cable around 10 mm; Low voltage or low voltage cable is generally a layer of insulation layer and protective layer. 2. High voltage cable insulation layer after removal of skin, it is wrapped outside the cable core, white as the main insulation layer of plastic, low voltage cable don't have the main insulation layer, just rubber cover. 3: check the voltage to register. Drawing there could be YJV - general 1 kv - 4 * 150 or YJV - 10 kv - These voltage grade 4 * 150 and so on.
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