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The difference between the overhead cables and overhead insulated wire is?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-27
Power Tailfeng lan cable is people familiar with the product, its original people are like, its capacity is also very high. Small make up of overhead lines to tell you, the content of the low smoke zero halogen power Tailfeng lan cable. Purpose: the product is flame retardant performance is superior, very little smoke during burning, no corrosive gas escape, subway station, telephone switches are widely used in nuclear power station and computer control center, high-rise building, hotel, important military facilities, radio and television, oil platform, etc. , as well as personnel is relatively concentrated, low air density. Features: 1. Excellent flame retardancy and don't delay flammability. 2. Little amount of smoke during burning, do not produce poisonous gas, no corrosive gas. 3. Have a certain mechanical electrical and physical properties, can satisfy the use requirement of the cable. Pay attention to our website to know more about the content of the cable supply, hope you can satisfied.
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