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The effect of cable communication cable manufacturer

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-21
rubber is used as a wire, Tailfeng lan cable insulation material at the earliest. Rubber in a wide range of temperatures have extremely high flexibility, flexibility, variability and resilience, and good tensile strength, tear resistance, resistance to fatigue, has low for gases, moisture, moisture permeability, high chemical stability and electrical performance. insulation using rubber is rubber as the main body, to join all kinds of chelating agent, after the formation of mixing rubber material, after curing, made of elastic material. Therefore, rubber is a complex mixture of its electrical and mechanical, chemical and physical properties to a great extent, depends on the composition and technological process. Due to the lack of natural rubber resources and the rapid development of synthetic rubber industry in recent years, cable insulation material has a large number of using synthetic rubber. natural rubber in various kinds of rubber elasticity are best known, elongation of up to 1000%, the permanent deformation is small; High mechanical strength, anti-bending of tear resistance, wear resistance,; Electric performance is good, good alkali resistance, not resistant to strong acid, oil resistant, no organic solvent resistance; Natural rubber in production process, from raw rubber plastication and mixing to sulfide are easy to control, and other rubber good intermiscibility, when natural rubber friction, tensile or compression, surface electrostatic charge; Low heat resistance, aging resistance is poor, flammable, etc. Natural rubber is widely used in wire and cable insulation and sheath, long-term use of temperature not to exceed 65 c, no more than 6 kv voltage class. The softness, flexibility and elasticity to demand higher wire and cable, particularly suitable for natural rubber. But can not be used in direct contact with the mineral oil or organic solvent, also should not be used in outdoor.
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