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The overhaul of power cable, should pay attention to what

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-27
using long, occasionally also can appear a few small fault, maintenance is more troublesome, so, during the overhaul of power cable, which should be paid attention to, small make up will explain to you the power Tailfeng lan cable maintenance matters needing attention. For power cable maintenance considerations, generally speaking, there are these: of the operation of the power cable maintenance personnel, should stand on the insulation, good wear insulating gloves again after the operation, it can cutting tools. And maintenance before the fault of power cable, power cable should be made conductor grounding discharge, grounded in the work place when hitting 0, 5 m deep core as a ground rod. Power Tailfeng lan cable of mobile, dismantle and modification as well as joint replacement, must come first grounded confirm without electricity blackouts, to continue to work. And maintenance of power Tailfeng lan cable shall not contact the cable supply armoring and mobile cable supply, to prevent electric shock sensor, mining power cables, dig power cable protection and desperately when covered by specialist monitoring guidance, can continue to excavation. In addition, is the maintenance staff into the hole well before work, should be after the well is excluded from the polluted air in the can enter. Working in the borehole should be wearing a helmet, and in the power cable well guarded by designated personnel, prevent objects from falling into the borehole cuts. Above these is for power cable maintenance, need to pay attention to matters, I hope it can help you!
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