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The performance characteristics of cable do you know

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-12
Branch Tailfeng lan cable is a new type of electric power distribution cable and its key performance has two: first, a good quality of the branch cable, must be the good performance of cable supply, for domestic products, the conductor performance, insulation performance, mechanical and physical properties of the material shall conform to the GB12706 - 91 standard - — The performance of the cable is the basis of the branch Tailfeng lan cable products indicators. Second, the performance of the branch head is crucial, it is the key to the branch cable performance. Branch is head of the main cable is an organic whole repeatedly with the feeder cable conductor, insulation and moisture proof. Look from the exterior, cannot know the internal joint quality, there are two important test that can detect joint performance, namely, mechanical tensile test and electric heat cycle test. For mechanical tensile test, branch connector ( Including the trunk and branch conductor) The tensile force should be kept in front of the connection of more than 80%, for electric heat cycle test, in 125 after a certain time interval of the rated load and no-load circulation, the rise of temperature of the branch head branch head when the temperature is not higher than 25 cycles 8. Decided to branch connector is the key to branch of mechanical and electrical properties of materials and technology of the connecting head. For the masses of users, should be fully concerned branch Tailfeng lan cable cable joint quality, material selection and process tooling.
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