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The prospect of the future wind power development in our country and optical fiber cable manufacturer

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-12
In 2010 has surpassed the United States wind power capacity in China, to become the world's largest producer of wind power. Compared with America's new installed capacity in 2013 decreased significantly, the Chinese increment reaches 1. Total 60000 megawatts, up to nine. 10000 megawatts. Due to the unprecedented development of wind power, power output lines need to be replaced or newly built, it will give the development of the power Tailfeng lan cable industry, has brought the unprecedented opportunity, after nearly two years of trough, the domestic wind power industry is bringing in the new period, especially in the context of energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental governance, the state has staged a series of supporting policies, the wind power industry continues to improve, to warm. In addition, the personage inside course of study thinks, with the wind resource area and quality of new power capacity reduce gradually, fan operations for the whole machine provider in the fierce competition in the new power in the market to expand to provide huge space. At present domestic wind power installed over 100 million kw, 2020 will exceed 200 million kilowatts, such a huge capacity, fan operations will make the market as a new growth point of new energy equipment manufacturing industry. In order to better development, the construction of beautiful China, play industry 'leader' role model, the company will strive for the future of the optical fiber Tailfeng lan cable manufacturer.
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