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The reason for this reduction in life what are the specific cable products?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-22
Reason: 1: keep stylish bought into tube cable, plastic seal should be used in the two sets of seal, but used to after a while, the rest is a wrapped in plastic, outside with a rope, sealing is not good, a long day, water vapor will penetrate into the cable. 2: when the cable laying cable laying, wrapped her plastic cable head sometimes doused in the water, the water into the cable; When traction and wear tube, outer sheath rupture occur sometimes. 3: after laying in the laying, failed to timely make the cable head on, that without sealing treatment of cable port when it is exposed to the air for a long time, even doused in the water, making water vapor into the cable. 4: when the cable head production at cable head production ( Including the terminal head and middle joint) Because of production personnel, cable end sliding down the cable pit in the water is sometimes. 5: in the operation of the cable, cable runtime failure, such as the middle joint breakdown of cable pit water will be along the rupture into the cable; In construction site, outside cable breakage or breakdown, also can produce the cable into the water. Response: 1: cable head should seal cut off cable end, either stacked or installation, all want to use plastic sealed ( Use cable dedicated seal set) To prevent moisture infiltration. 2: wire and cable laying should be timely after in production. 3: buy cable, must choose the manufacturer of high quality. Due to the impurity in the insulation, porosity and so on is the starting point of water tree occurs, thus the cable quality is very important to prevent water tree aging. 4: to strengthen the management of cable head production process once the cable into the water, is the earliest appear breakdown phenomenon is often cable head, thus wire head production well, can prolong the whole life of the cable. 5: the cold cable head of 3 m company the cold shrink silicon rubber cable accessories, simple and convenient production, need not burner, don't need to solder. 6: long cable with cable branch box nzte several long cable, each about 3 km in length, with such a cable, in addition to do the middle joint, we also use one or two cable branch box, once one of the cable into the water, will not spread to other segments of the Tailfeng lan cable, and also facilitate in cable fault block find 7: use PVC plastic double-wall corrugated pipe, the pipe corrosion resistance, the lining is smooth, good strength and toughness, therefore when cable directly buried installation, can greatly reduce the cable outer sheath damaged. Before put into operation for a high voltage dc leak test, later, we only do trial test cable, substation qualify for other cable do not test. More cable supply products please visit: http://www. jzsldl。 com/cpfl/
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