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The use of flame retardant cable and need to pay attention to small details

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-16
a everyone has been very familiar with the term, must not do too much explanation, but the cable at the time of use or after all, there are many places need to be aware of the cable type, simple analysis of a Tailfeng lan cable for everyone here. Flame retardant wire and cable is suitable for fixed installation in ac 50 hz, voltage grade on 1 kv and below power transmission and distribution lines carry electricity; Mainly used in such as hotels, Banks, hospitals, factories, commercial and residential requiring higher flame retardant such as integrated wiring. Flame retardant wire and cable has a special flame retardant, low smoke and poisonous smoke suppression performance, in addition to the need of properties for 694:1990. Fire, ordinary PVC insulated wire, hydrochloric acid gas of thick black smoke and toxic gases. The reputation of the damage and hindered the rescue. Many listed flame retardant cable electrical and electronic wiring system cable connected to a accredited institutions such as UL and 'public'. As used in the specific environment of cable also must be 'classified' application. To obtain a classification, equipment or Tailfeng lan cable must be installed through the application of the test or type. All cables in the case of all the applications, must pass UL910 steiner, wind tunnel test. CCI flame retardant cable lists the UL and NEC in all the install and use. Beware of fake 'flame retardant listed' or 'all the approval'. The cable may not accord with the requirement of UL and NEC. The classification of all listed cable must be determined every 24 inches coat or internal tag printing on tape.
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