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The use of power cable error, how much you know

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-12
Power Tailfeng lan cable accidents sometimes happen, this is because the people use the power cable, there is some misunderstanding, so, these pitfalls, how much do you know, below, small make up just to explain the use of power cable error, I hope it can help you! using error generally there are these: some of the requirements of the users for their own electrical appliances, environmental conditions, inadequate understanding, scope of use, requirements for wire and cable type, performance, understanding is not enough and often choose the wrong type. And quite a number of users, and even some enterprises use wire and cable existing common pitfalls. Some users in order to save money, ignore the security, pick those prices low, there is no guarantee of quality, the accident hidden trouble of inferior wire and cable, covet cable supply is cheap, it will bring great safety hidden trouble. There are caused by a lack of enterprise knowledge of power cable, refused to use fire flame retardant power Tailfeng lan cable, but can buy common rubber set soft cable, thus easy to cause great accident hidden trouble. Some important departments, high-rise buildings, computing center, chemical industry, places of public entertainment and concentrated occasions, such as the use which has the function of fire flame retardant or fire-resistant wire and cable; must be used in the coal ministry has regulations in coal mine deep well with flame retardant; There are such as elevator cable, welding machine Tailfeng lan cable, electrical wiring, etc, have special performance requirements. Everyone in the use of power cable, have the erroneous zone, these misconceptions are need to be aware of, to be out of the erroneous zone.
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