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Through the internal structure of power cable to solve the problem of common failures

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-17
We all know, at present, on the market is various, the kinds of cable supply according to the voltage to points, around three broad categories: low voltage cable, medium voltage cable, high voltage cable; Points according to insulation materials, mainly divided into four categories: oil impregnated paper medium cable, plastic cable, rubber cable, oil filled or charge cable, power cable products of different classification, their structure is different, so the internal structure of cable supply to solve the problem of common failures! After analyzing that actually five typical structure in the power cable, conductor and insulation layer is required cable conductor constitute some conductor core data usually more for copper and aluminum core, there are four categories of insulation materials as mentioned above. Single core cable is oil impregnated paper insulating medium the typical structure of the cable, metal shielding layer for lead bag, outer sheath made up of steel belt and plastic materials; Single core cable, usually plastic crosslinked polyethylene ( XLPE) Typical structure of dielectric cables and metal shielding layer is usually copper tape, metal sheath can be steel band ( Silk) Copper, aluminum, or stainless steel and other raw materials; Three core cable is a representative of the oil impregnated paper insulating medium cable structure, compared with the first one will find single core cable structure is the same, more for plastic polyethylene ( PVC) insulation and rubber insulating medium, usually low level under 6 kv cable typical structure, this structure has four core cable. Based on five kinds of cable, to sum up, the primary structure consists of five parts: power Tailfeng lan cable conductor wire, insulation layer, a conductive layer, metal shielding layer, outer sheath, thus, 5 part of the structure of the some problems can be regarded as there was something wrong with the Tailfeng lan cable. But in practice, and in some specific conditions only thinking or analysis of some of the primary data of faults in the cable only can judge the problem.
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