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To prevent cable fire small matters needing attention

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-15
On the Tailfeng lan cable structure of so-called 'shield', is essentially a measures of improving electric field distribution. conductor by multiple wire twisted and become, it and insulating layer easily formed between the air gap, conductor surface not smooth, can cause electric field concentration. On the conductor surface with a layer of half a shield of conductive materials, it to be shielded conductor equipotential and good contact with insulation layer, to avoid partial discharge in between a conductor and insulation layer, a layer mask for the shielding layer; Also in the insulation and sheath surface contact, there may be clearance is caused by partial discharge factors, so in the surface of the insulating layer and a layer of half a shield of conductive materials, insulating layer has a good contact with blocked it, potential, and metal ferrule to avoid partial discharge between the insulating layer and sheath, the layer mask to outer shield; No metal sheath of insulated cables, in addition to the semiconduction shielding layer, and increase with copper or copper wire winding and metal shielding layer, the function of the metal shielding layer, during normal operation by capacitive current; When the system short circuit occurs, as a channel of short-circuit current, but also have the effect of shielding electric field. Visible, if in the high voltage crosslinked cable outside the semiconductor layer and copper shield does not exist, the three core Tailfeng lan cable core and core insulation breakdown occurred between the possibility is very large.
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