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Transformation of intelligent manufacturing wire and cable is a new direction in the future

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-28
Family integrated wiring design, the first thing to consider many aspects under the design configuration subsystem and combine with community installed intelligent subsystem, according to the demand according to individual demand choose to install other intelligent devices. In the process of implementation of integrated wiring, basic construction way similar to wire dark bury concealed work in the home. Selection information point, and the Tailfeng lan cable must have forward-looking vision, be sure to set aside enough bearing capacity. And all lines should be casing, it is forbidden to share different types of line pipe. Power equipment of the cloth should be strictly carried out in accordance with the related electrical specification. According to the actual situation of power load and may acquire equipment load, choosing the power cord, must choose the line, lest cause overload caused by wires, short circuit or damaged equipment. When choosing electrical components, to choose well-known brands. Of course with the development of modern technology, although now intelligence lives in wiring system within the same in a very important position, but it has become simply, quickly.
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