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Under the severe competition, the steel core aluminum stranded wire advantage in where?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-13
At present, the domestic power cable industry competition is very fierce, not only the manufacturer faces, especially cable supply products, like steel core aluminum stranded wire, a few years ago the demand is very big, now this a few years, influenced by various factors, it faces a big challenge! Want to gain a foothold in market above, compare a little real, what the hell? Where are the advantages of steel core aluminum stranded wire, today, jiaozuo plastic power Tailfeng lan cable factory will make a detailed introduction and analysis for everybody! 1. Steel core aluminum stranded wire of elasticity is small, flexible, high performance, has the very good bending performance, easier to terminal connection. 2. Specially formulated with heat treatment process greatly reduces the metal under heat and pressure creep tendency. 3. Thermal expansion coefficient is higher than other types of cable slightly, more expansion or contraction. 4. It greatly improved the traditional aluminum cable connection performance, this is the root cause of it so popular with the masses of customers. 5. When the conductor in case of fire, it can produce high strength and creep resistance, even in the long time of overload and overheating, also can ensure stability of the connection. To sum up, the advantages of steel core aluminum stranded wire mainly mention now electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance of this a few face! Especially corrosion resistance is one of the large customer affirmation, when the steel core aluminum stranded wire immediately when it is exposed to air formation on the surface of solid and thin oxide layer, the various forms of corrosion, oxidation layer of special tolerance aluminum under the bad environment characteristics, so aluminum tray inside electricity greatly superior to other wires.
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